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Mission Statement: To assist in providing superior educational opportunities in the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach public schools.

 The "Build Baldwin Now " initiative failed. Not only did any new funding get approved, the voters actually voted to remove funding that was already in place. When those measures expire, millions of dollars that have been used for years to operate our schools will disappear. It is hard to believe that our citizens actually intended to take funding away from an already underfunded system, but the results were plain.


In the wake of this devastating loss, the "Community Education Advisory Task Force" was formed during the Summer of 2015. This group of 26 was charged with creating forward thinking ideas to help benefit the school system. The result of thousands of volunteer hours was a 71 page comprehensive report that accomplished this goal. It is excellent reading and is available by clicking here or the link below. Also produced were several "Chalkboard Chats", that offer great insights into the issues facing our system and how the suggested changes can effect positive results. (You must have a Facebook account to view these impressive shorts.)

Then in March 2016, the "renewals" millage vote was back on the ballot. Voters had two funding "renewals' to consider; one for 3 mills of property tax to be restored, and one for 1 mill of property tax to be restored. Due to a constitutional law, the 1 mill measure needed a margin of 60 percent plus one vote to pass, instead of the usual 50 percent plus 1 vote. The 3 mill vote passed easily, however the 1 mill vote failed by less than 200 votes. This was very disappointing, as again it constituted a rejection to fund our schools at the level they've been for many decades. This will result in a shortage of approximately 4 million dollars annually.

The next issue was the "penny tax" which is scheduled to "sunset" in 2018. If this measure is not renewed or replaced, the system stands to lose 40 million dollars for operations. There is no doubt that our system will collapse if this is not renewed, or an alternate funding source is not secured. How then will the children of Baldwin County be educated? Ladies and Gentlemen, we need your help, not your criticism.


January 2017 the Baldwin County Commission unanimously endorsed a permanent extension of the penny sales tax. This action provides the Baldwin County School System approximately $40 million annually, and thwarts any potentially divisive campaign to kill the tax in place. Our County Commissioners should be commended for taking this bold step and "doing the right thing" for education in Baldwin County. Thank you to Frank Burt, Chris Elliott, Tucker Dorsey, and Skip Gruber!

School overcrowding remains at a crisis level . We will be reaching out again for help and we hope that our next efforts will be better understood and supported. For those that supported the measures, thank you. For those that did not, we need your help to come up with solutions to this crisis. If you've a better idea to solve these problems we welcome your plan.

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Volunteers from every community in Baldwin County worked together through the Baldwin County Education Coalition to build on the momentum and interest of the Vote Yes campaign. Over 1500 participants shared their thoughts and opinions in order to shape the future of education in Baldwin County. To them we say thank you!

The Coalition’s goals are to –

·        Create a compelling vision for the future of our community and schools 

 Take an outside-in approach to making quality education the central public concern for Baldwin County;

 Collect the voices of citizens across the county to articulate common expectations;

 Provide the mechanism to ensure ongoing transparency and community involvement;

 Keep the focus of our advocacy and policy work on children, not adults.

Our Foundation serves the schools of Pleasure Island (Gulf Shores/Orange Beach)

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